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About Us

About Us

Francoeur Frenchies

We have a very select, well-planned, top-flight French Bulldog breeding program. All of our dogs come from excellent pedigrees with champion lines, sweet temperaments, and outstanding looks. We are located in Southern California, in Central Ventura County. We are approximately 1-hour drive from most of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and about 45 minutes from Santa Barbara.

Our Values

Francoeur Goals

Our goal is to raise great family, dogs perfect lap buddies that are social, sweet, and eager to please. 

We are AKC Breeders with H.A.R.T. and our litters are AKC Registered. We are planning to show and earn titles this fall. I am a full-time dog trainer with 25 years of experience training puppies. Therefore, our pups receive exclusive training that is rare, specialized and unique.

We are raising the pups following ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), Von Folocner’s Way, and Rule of 7’s. We are caring for our pups with unconditional love in our beautiful Ranch Home. These puppies are receiving great socialization from us and my young grandchildren as well as with our other dogs, an English Mastiff, Vizsla and a teacup Yorki.

No one can compare to the quality, health, and training each puppy receives here, which makes our prices incomparable.

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Serving Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles & Surrounding areas.

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Francoeur French Bulldogs

Francoeur Frenchies

What We Do

Prior to being sent home, all of our French Bulldog puppies have received their age-appropriate vaccines, have been de-wormed at least twice, and received socialization from day one. We believe it is important that the pups be handled often. Training with our French Bulldog puppies begins at 3 weeks with the Von Falconers Way training method.

Pups are taught to respond to a whistle, a snap or a hand clap. At 5 weeks we begin our “Rule of 7’s ” socialization and preparing the pups for their families.  When it is time for our puppies to go home at 8 weeks old, they have often picked up on these basic training standards. You may opt to have us continue their training at an additional cost.

Our dogs and pups are surrounded by attention and love from day one. We socialize our pups from birth to help ensure that you get the sweetest addition to your family. We specialize in matching the right puppy to your home, choosing a puppy for you based on your family, lifestyle, and activities. Professional training is available for any puppy purchased from Francoeur French Bulldogs.

Our Team

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Barbie H.

Owner & Founder


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Francoeur French Bulldogs

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The Francoeur Difference

How We raise & train our puppies

Prior to being sent home, all of our French Bulldog puppies have received their age appropriate vaccines, have been de-wormed at least twice, are microchipped, and have received socialization.

Day 22-28- single most important week in a puppy’s lifetime. Day 29-35- Sound conditioning. Day 36-42 “following response”: 5 minutes daily per pup up to week 7 with no one around.

We at Francoeur French Bulldogs have discovered a great socialization technique known as the Rule of 7. Our Rule of 7 was adapted from Dr. Carmen Battaglia’s guide for increasing puppy’s exposure:

American devotees of the early 1900s contributed to the breed by insisting that the bat ear, as opposed to the “rose ear” was the correct Frenchie type. It is by the distinctive feature they’re recognized all ove the world.

We begin training puppies at 4 weeks old. The initial training is to respond to a whistle, a hand clap or a snap. We do this by giving the puppies these cues before we feed. At 6 weeks of age we begin working with our pups on an individual basis. 

(ENS) is a process we started doing that introduces mild stresses to very young puppies in a controlled way. These stresses help stimulate the neurological system which improves the growth and development of the pup’s immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance.

Thank you for adding one of our lovable French Bulldog Pups to your home and family. Now its time to browse and shop products, food, treats supplements, starter kits, shampoo and more recommended by Francoeur Frenchies.