Lilac French Bulldogs

The lilac French bulldog is known for its colors. Born looking much like a blue French bulldog, lilac French bulldog puppies eventually develop a slight hint of violet or lilac color. They usually have pale-colored eyes as well, creating a stunning appearance.

Lilac French Bulldogs

Lilac Frenchie Puppies for Sale

If you’re looking for lilac French bulldog puppies for sale, Francoeur French Bulldogs is an AKC lilac French bulldog breeder with decades of experience helping individuals and families find their right canine companion. We can find you a French bulldog with the lilac color and temperament suited for you.

Our lilac French bulldog puppies are bred using only healthy parents from good bloodlines and with a good pedigree. We get to know our lilac Frenchies for sale from the day they are born. This allows us to offer early neurological stimulation and socialization and get to know their personalities, so we can match them to the right humans.

High-Quality Lilac French Bulldogs

Before any lilac French bulldog is put up for sale from Francoeur French Bulldogs, we make sure they are microchipped, vaccinated and ready for your home. Because we take such excellent care of our lilac French bulldog puppies, they arrive in your home ready to succeed with you and your family. We also carefully consider your personality, lifestyle, activity level and other factors to find you the right canine family member. All of our lilac French bulldog litters are AKC Registered.

If you’ve fallen for the stunning looks of lilac Frenchies, learn more about our upcoming litters or contact us to find out more about what makes Francoeur French Bulldogs unique.

Adults & Puppies

Lifetime Family Members

Your puppy will stay by your side for their entire lifetime, so finding the right French bulldogs for sale in California means finding a healthy puppy and one suited to your lifestyle.