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Platinum French Bulldog Puppies

If you’re looking for a platinum Frenchie for sale, Francoeur French Bulldogs is a Southern California AKC breeder, and we can find a French bulldog that’s right for you. A platinum French bulldog looks similar to a cream Frenchie, but it has lighter coloration around the nose, eyes and pads for a much paler look overall. They are a sleek and fair dog that looks downright regal — but with the fun personality of a Frenchie.

Platinum French Bulldogs

Finding the Right Platinum French Bulldog for Sale

If you think a platinum French bulldog is for you, you’ll want to make sure you find one with an excellent pedigree and good health. At Francoeur French Bulldogs, our system ensures excellent puppies because we screen potential parents for genetic problems with the elbows, heart and hips. We make sure parents are healthy and come from champion lines.

Why Us?

The Francoeur French Bulldogs Difference

We have been training and breeding puppies for 25 years, and we use early neurological stimulation and early socialization to ensure our puppies have sweet temperaments and good behavior. We rely on the Von Falconer Way and Rule of 7 to set our puppies up for success with training now and later on. Francoeur French Bulldogs does the early work for you to prepare your puppy for your household.

Each of our puppies is also microchipped, de-wormed, taken to the vet and given the appropriate vaccinations for their age. Once the puppies reach three weeks old, we begin training them, and we make sure our puppies are handled often and showered with love so they grow up well socialized and happy. Our puppies respond to snaps, claps and whistles. We also teach our puppies to sleep through the night without accidents and help them meet basic training standards.

If you need us to, we can continue your puppy’s training for an additional cost. Our professional training experience ensures your platinum French bulldog learns and responds to a range of commands, as well as helps prevent bad habits and problem behaviors from developing.

Platinum French Bulldogs

Get Your Platinum French Bulldog Today

Francoeur French Bulldogs believes it’s important to make sure every puppy gets the right home. For this reason, we get to know each French bulldog puppy and their personality as well as preferences. We also get to know the humans who come in looking for platinum Frenchies. This way, we can match the right puppy to the right household for a harmonious relationship. We ensure you get a puppy to suit your lifestyle, personality, preferred activities and more. Our goal is to truly create lifelong human-canine friendships and families, and this is much easier with a thoughtful match of personalities and behaviors.

If you’re ready to get a gorgeous platinum French bulldog and a companion who is hand-selected specifically for you, take a look at our upcoming litters or contact us to find out more about our puppies and to discover the Francoeur French Bulldogs difference.

Adults & Puppies

Lifetime Family Members

Your puppy will stay by your side for their entire lifetime, so finding the right French bulldogs for sale in California means finding a healthy puppy and one suited to your lifestyle.