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Von Falconer Way

Puppy Care

In addition to testing for hereditary defects and maintaining clean and safe environments, Francoeur French Bulldogs goes above and beyond to nurture our pups from birth. Von Falconer developed a break down by age for introducing pups to external stimuli to ensure they are well-rounded and prepared for the outside world.

Here is an excerpt from The “Von Falconer Way” Puppy Training that we follow for each litter:

Day 22-28- single most important week in a puppy’s lifetime:
  • Now aware of self-environment: he learns to accept discipline & learns submission.
  • Do touch conditioning every day this week: very quick touch of each puppy twice a day.
  • Introduce your dog to “puppy toys” of all different materials. Rubber, vinyl, plastic squeak toys, metal, glass (small brown vitamin pill bottles with no lid), Leather, and fabric (long sock tied in 2 knots). Do not skip this or any of the materials-it will give them a custom-built mind for any “job” they might have later in life.
  • Guard the puppies against trauma of any kind-the puppy can be moved for about 30 minutes to a new environment but keep the main environment the same and make sure they are there the most.
Day 29-35- Sound conditioning:
  • Make loud bangs 4 times a day when puppies are sleeping, eating, playing, but NOT while they are looking at you or coming towards you.
  • Tape recordings are good-babies crying, trains, crowds, traffic, etc.
  • The dam should be away from the puppies while this is being done.
  • Introduce stable male as “daddy” to teach them different perspectives from the start.
  • By day 35 they have better control of their bodies, Continue sound conditioning.
Day 36-42 “following response”: 5 minutes daily per pup up to week 7 with no one around:
  • Take each pup separately to a large grassy area. Place pup on grass and walk away without speaking or looking. Go 10ft, stop, face the pup, and wait quietly.
  • Clap hands, move body back and forth until he/she sees you and approaches.
  • Hold the pups head in your hands for 3-4 seconds, then walk away slowly again.
  • Repeat over and over until the pup follows you when you walk away. Continue sound conditioning & Introduce new people, cats, wheelchairs, strollers, children now.
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