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Blue French Bulldog Puppies

If you’re looking for a blue French bulldog for sale near you, Francoeur French Bulldogs is one of the premier blue French bulldog breeders in California. Our blue French bulldog puppies come from champion lines and have outstanding pedigrees. Their parents are carefully tested for common genetic ailments and checked for overall health, ensuring healthy litters. Our top-flight breeding program is select and well-planned.

Blue French Bulldogs

Where Can I Find a Blue French Bulldog for Sale Near Me?

If you’re looking for a blue French bulldog for sale in the USA, the best blue French bulldog breeders can be found right in California. Francoeur French Bulldogs has blue Frenchies that have been specifically bred to have a great temperament. Our puppies get love and attention from the first day of their lives. Before we ever put our blue Frenchie puppies up for sale, we ensure they get ENS (early neurological stimulation), and we use the Von Falconer Way and Rule of 7 to give them a good start with healthy behaviors. By the time our puppies are ready to head home with you, they respond to snaps, whistles and claps and know how to use a crate.

Find Your Perfect Blue Frenchie Companion With Francoeur French Bulldogs

We are one of the few blue French bulldog breeders in California with AKC Registration for our litters. Our blue French bulldog puppies are kept in our California Ranch home, and they are vaccinated, de-wormed and microchipped before they come to you. We take care to match the right puppy to your needs and lifestyle.

If you want an AKC blue Frenchie to call your own, learn more about our upcoming litters or contact us to find out more about our French bulldog puppies. We have puppies with different coat colors available.

Adults & Puppies

Lifetime Family Members

Your puppy will stay by your side for their entire lifetime, so finding the right French bulldogs for sale in California means finding a healthy puppy and one suited to your lifestyle.