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Stud Services

Stud Services

Francoeur Frenchies

Francoeur French Bulldogs offers French bulldog stud service in California. We’re one of the premiere AKC French bulldog breeders outside of Los Angeles, and with more than 20 years of experience, and we can help if you’re trying to breed standard or rare French bulldogs. Whether you’re interested in platinum French bulldog puppieschocolate Frenchie puppies or another type, trust the experience of Francoeur French Bulldogs.

Francoeur French Bulldogs

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The Importance of a Quality French Bulldog Stud Service

Breeding French bulldogs comes with many challenges. This breed of dog has a large head and small, narrow hips, making artificial insemination a common option for breeders. The narrow hips also mean many dogs end up needing extra care or even a C-section when they have their puppies. Francoeur French Bulldogs has the experience to understand the unique challenges of breeding French bulldogs.

We also take care of our puppy parents. Our dogs come from championship lines and excellent pedigrees, and they are carefully screened for any health challenges. Our meticulous notes and documentation allow you to make an informed decision about our French bulldog stud services. Our Frenchies also have proven track records of producing healthy litters, with puppies that have beautiful markings and stunning colorations.

Ready to see for yourself? We produce some of the highest quality French bulldog puppies in the area. Whether you’re looking for merlelilac or another color variation, with our French bulldog stud services, you can have your own litter at home.

Your French Bulldog Puppies

Working with Francoeur French Bulldogs and our stud services allows you to experience the job of seeing a litter of French bulldog puppies from their first days. The cute, squashed nose, bat ears and wide range of colors of the French bulldog make them especially cute puppies.

French bulldogs also have other advantages:

  • They are ideal for apartment living: In Los AngelesSan DiegoSanta Barbara and surrounding areas, French bulldogs are small enough to feel right at home in condos and apartments. If you want to give some puppies away, you’ll always find good homes for French bulldogs.

  • They’re affectionate: French bulldogs love to be around you and will go wherever you go. They are small enough to bring along, too, and they get along with all members of a household in most cases. At Francoeur French Bulldogs, our dogs are socialized early, and we use early neurological stimulation to ensure our dogs have a pleasant temperament. Our well-behaved and trained dogs are ideal for stud service.

  • They are low maintenance: The short coat of the French bulldog means a simple wash and clip will likely be all you need to keep your puppy looking great.

If you’d like to experience the joy of owning French bulldogs and are interested in French bulldog stud services in California, contact us to find out more about how we can help you have a healthy litter of adorable Frenchies.