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Known for their big eyes, pointed ears and unique coats, a purebred French bulldog makes an adorable and fun-loving friend. Apart from their cute looks, French bulldogs are adventurous and loyal, making them the perfect canine companions for families of all types and children of all ages. 

As an American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized breeder, Francoeur French Bulldogs is a premier breeder of healthy and happy purebred Frenchies. All of our puppies have the finest pedigrees, are in excellent health and are confident and curious by the time they find their forever homes. 

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Are you interested in adding a Frenchie to the family? Frenchies are small enough for apartment living and have a spectrum of personalities from rambunctious to lazy — so no matter your lifestyle, we guarantee you’ll find the right French bulldog from our litters. Our Frenchies come in different coats, too: 

All About Our French Bulldog Puppies

We raise our French bulldogs in a calm and loving environment, ultimately encouraging them to grow into their personalities confidently. We also employ a few training methods from the earliest days of their lives to make sure they make sweet, obedient lifelong companions:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS): ENS is proven to boost puppies’ immunity and stress tolerance long-term. From the time they’re a few days old, we begin exposing the puppies to harmless, three- to five-second exercises like gently tickling their paws or turning them in different directions. 
  • The Von Falconer Way: At around three weeks old, we teach our pups to respond to whistles, snaps and hand claps. 
  • The Rule of 7: Starting when the puppies are four weeks old, we routinely introduce them to new sensations and experiences like different floor surfaces, rooms, toys and people. 
Why Choose a Frenchie From a Trusted French Bulldog Breeder near Seattle?

Here’s why you should buy your French bulldog from a trusted, premier breeder like Francoeur French Bulldogs:

  • Your Frenchie is guaranteed happy and healthy. Your Frenchie is bred and reared responsibly by our dedicated, loving team. We also send our Frenchies home vaccinated and dewormed. 
  • We match you and your family with the perfect pup. Whether you want a chill Frenchie that will snuggle you on the couch or an energetic Frenchie that lives for walks, we know our pups’ personalities. We’ll help you find your perfect match.
  • We are a top French bulldog breeder. Our puppies are bred with health and happiness in mind. We are an AKC-recognized breeder with decades of dog training experience. 
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