Isabella French Bulldog Puppies

The Isabella French bulldog is the rarest color of French bulldog and one of the most prized, though it is not recognized by the AKC. Isabellas are lilac tinted, with noses that can vary from pale brown to pink and pale eyes of brown or blue. This dog comes from breeding chocolate-colored French bulldogs with recessive genes.

Isabella French Bulldogs

What Should I Look for in Isabella French Bulldogs for Sale?

If you’re interested in buying an Isabella French bulldog, be sure to:

  • Work with a reputable breeder: Since Isabella French bulldogs are so rare, you want to make sure you’re getting the real deal — especially if you are paying a premium for this color. A reputable breeder can provide details about the parents and the lineage of your new companion, ensuring you are getting a real Isabella French bulldog.
  • Check health records: Some people believe Isabella French bulldogs are more prone to genetic conditions and illnesses. While this is not necessarily true, any dog can suffer from health issues. It is important to verify health records and to ensure any French bulldog puppy you are considering buying has been bred from healthy parents and has been getting regular veterinary care as needed.
  • Consider how coloring can change: If you get your French bulldog puppy at eight weeks, it’s important to remember that your dog is still growing. Their color may change. If you are very particular about the shade you want, be sure to consider the parents of the puppy — and keep in mind that the dog’s adult coat may be different than the puppy fur.
  • Consider your lifestyle and personality: While French bulldogs are generally friendly and great companions, each dog is different. Most French bulldogs require lots of attention, though they can get some of their exercise indoors — so you probably won’t have to take them out for long walks and hikes like you might with some other breeds. Before getting an Isabella or any dog, research the breed and ensure it is right for you. It’s best to work with a reputable breeder who knows the personality of every puppy so you get a dog well-suited to your temperament.
Adults & Puppies

Lifetime Family Members

Your puppy will stay by your side for their entire lifetime, so finding the right French bulldogs for sale in California means finding a healthy puppy and one suited to your lifestyle.