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French Bulldog Puppies In San Francisco

A Frenchie is a small but big-hearted family dog. Bred from the English bulldog, the Frenchie was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as an official breed in 1898. The breed has been loved worldwide ever since. In fact, Frenchies are still one of the most popular dog breeds for their affectionate, loyal and playful dispositions — not to mention their big, curious eyes and adorably pointed ears. 

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San Francisco

French Bulldogs for Sale in San Francisco

Francoeur Frenchies

San Francisco

Interested in buying a French bulldog in the Bay Area? Frenchies are small enough for apartment living and make excellent lap companions. Their personalities and coats come in various colors, but their temperaments are sweet through and through. Our Frenchie puppy coat colors and types include: 

San Francisco
French Bulldogs in the Bay Area for Sale

We send our Frenchies to their new homes well-socialized and ready to hit the ground running. We follow a few rearing and social stimulation methods to make sure your puppy is sweet and confident by the time they are ready to be homed:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS): At a few days old, we start exposing our puppies to mild, harmless exercises like tickling or touching their toes with cotton swabs. ENS ultimately boosts their immune systems and stress tolerances long-term.
  • The Von Falconer Way: By three weeks old, all of our puppies learn to respond to snaps, whistles and hand claps. 
  • The Rule of 7: At four weeks, we begin exposing the puppies to new social and tactile experiences, like new floor surfaces, toys and people. After seven weeks, we begin crate training. 
Why Take Home a Frenchie From Francoeur French Bulldogs?

Francoeur French Bulldogs is one of the most trusted and recognized French bulldog breeders in California. Here’s why you should bring home a Frenchie from us: 

  • We expertly match you or your family with the right puppy. From the first bark to the sendoff to their new homes, we know the personalities of our French bulldog puppies. We know whether they’re cheeky and lazy or rambunctious and full of mischief. We’ll match you and your loved ones with the right puppy to suit your lifestyle and personality to ensure the pairing is a lifelong match.
  • We’re a premier French bulldog breeder. We breed our cute and curious Frenchies with their health and happiness in mind. We house our pups in top-of-the-line facilities, are an American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized breeder and have decades of dog training experience under our collars. 
  • Your French bulldog puppy is happy and healthy. Before your Frenchie comes home with you, they’ll be vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. You’ll also know your pup’s pedigree and health history. We run extensive health checks on our Frenchies to ensure we breed only the healthiest puppies. 
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Ready to meet your new canine companion? Whether your perfect match is an outgoing Merle or a shy Chocolate, our experienced team will match you and your family with the right French bulldog puppy.

Contact us online or call us at 805-233-0238 with your questions about our Frenchies! Or, learn more about our upcoming litters or current Frenchies for sale.