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Francoeur French Bull Dogs

If you’re looking for a french bulldog–actually let me back up–a QUALITY french bulldog, you need to get your frenchie from Francouer!!

couple holding a french bulldog puppy

I wanted a frenchie for a few years so I was sure to do a lot of research before buying just any frenchie. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that some breeders can be extremely untrustworthy, but that was literally 0% the case with Francouer!

They run a SEAMLESS process from visiting the pup for the first time, to putting the deposit in, to picking up your pup, basically- every step of the way. Monique works with the breeder and is AMAZING! She is so on top of every detail and you can tell she has truly taken the time to learn so much about these dogs, you can pretty much ask her anything related to the pups and she will tell you in great detail. She’s also no bullshit, which I appreciated. You can tell they aren’t in the business JUST for the money, cause let’s be honest, frenchies are expensive, but they do it right!

So on that note, let me tell you how they are different than other breeders and why we were so impressed:

  • They had Mommy and Daddy on site to see – this is important!!! You want to be able to see their temperament, how healthy looking they are,etc.
  • The dogs are AKC certified-(this includes certificates for both parents) they provide you with this paperwork and actually run you through the whole process of how to fill out the app for your dog!
  • They do an additional congenital test, elbow dysplasia, and health test on the parents BEFORE breeding them and they provide you with these certificates.
  • The dogs come microchipped!! and they include the paperwork for you to register them to your address
  • They feed them good food- which like humans, this matters!!
  • They also train dogs so my 10 week old pup came with some clue as to where to pee, how to sit when I say “sit!”, and she even understood (which Monique told me) the word “wrong!” so it hasn’t been complete chaos trying to train her!

** A lot of what’s listed wasn’t offered by breeders or it was a “oh you can go find that on the AKC website, or you can just microchip her yourself,” but they took the time to take care of even the small details!!

The day I picked her up from Monique, it wasn’t a “here is the dog, now give me the cash” process- IT WAS SO PROFESSIONAL!  She literally had a binded notebook with my pups pic and of all the information I included above and she even went over the whole notebook! My type A personality was LOVING it!!

Again, sooo on top of it! I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking, I could write so much more, but you get the point- GET YOUR PUPPY FROM FRANCOEUR FRENCH BULLDOGS!!
Tina Alidad, Pharm.D., APh
Francoeur French Bulldogs

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