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French Bulldog Puppies In Hollywood

Do you want a pet your entire family will adore? Francoeur French Bulldogs, the premier AKC breeder in Central Ventura County, has sweet French bulldog puppies available in North Hollywood. We’re located about an hour from Los Angeles, and we serve all of Hollywood and the surrounding areas.

For decades, we’ve bred healthy, happy puppies with exceptional pedigrees. We know the best pets come from the best parents, and we breed them from champion lines. All of our parents receive careful testing and screening, allowing us to give you a superior health guarantee. Take a look at our French bulldogs available for sale in Hollywood, and you’ll notice their gorgeous colors and arresting features. That’s a tribute to our careful attention to bloodlines and pedigrees.

Francoeur French Bulldogs

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Genetics plays a vital role in finding the right dog for your family. Genes determine your puppy’s color and coat as well as the type of French bulldog they are, such as lilac or chocolate.

However, genetics are only half of the story when it comes to finding the right dog. So much of a dog’s personality and happiness are determined by their early lives and what kind of treatment they receive. We offer our puppies the love, socialization and support to help them thrive.

Our team interacts daily with our puppies and provides them with neurological stimulation that keeps them content, such as extended playtime. Good breeding leads to well-behaved dogs. We also train our puppies to understand basic commands and obey when you take them home. We subscribe to several training methods, including:

By the time our puppies find their forever families around the age of eight weeks, they can respond to whistles, snaps or claps. We train our puppies to sleep in the crate so they can make it through an entire night without accidents. You can offer your puppy more training to build on the foundation we’ve established. If you pay an additional fee, we can also pursue professional training for your puppy.

The Benefits of Buying Francoeur French Bulldogs

For those in Hollywood who want to buy French Bulldogs, Francoeur French Bulldogs are the best. Our customers frequently compliment us on the steady temperaments of our puppies and their calm demeanor. We provide each puppy with veterinary attention from the time they’re born, too. Each dog will be:

  • De-wormed.
  • Vaccinated.
  • Microchipped.

We’re selective about who we work with and we connect people with puppies who match their personalities and activity styles. We want you to feel compatible from the moment you lay eyes on each other, so you know you’ve found “the one.”

Get a French Bulldog in North Hollywood

We work with people who are longtime French bulldog fans along with those who have never owned a pet before. Find the dog that is perfect for you! Learn about our upcoming litters and contact us with your questions. We look forward to finding you the right dog for your unique situation.