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Everything You Need for a New French Bulldog Puppy

Everything You Need for a New French Bulldog Puppy


Bringing a new French bulldog puppy home is exciting. You probably can’t wait to snuggle your new four-legged companion and teach them all sorts of tricks. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement of getting a new puppy, but it’s also important to be prepared so you’re ready to care for your new family member.

Before you bring your puppy home, make sure you have all of the must-have items for French bulldogs. While you are most likely looking forward to snuggling your new companion, your puppy will also need to eat, sleep, play and begin to learn boundaries. Preparing your home and your puppy’s space within your home will help them adjust to their new life with you. To help you get started, we created a French bulldog puppy checklist.

What Do I Need for My French Bulldog Puppy?

If you are a new dog owner or haven’t had a puppy around in a while, you are probably wondering what to buy a French bulldog puppy. Your puppy will need essential supplies for eating, sleeping, playing, learning, bathing and staying safe. Before you bring your furry friend home, consider the following things you need for a French bulldog puppy:

Somewhere to Sleep

Your Frenchie will need a comfortable place to sleep after your first day of snuggling and getting to know them. Pick out a comfortable bed for them to sleep on and place it in an area of the house you would like them to sleep in. You can also add a blanket to the bed so they can keep warm if your home’s temperature is usually on the cooler side.

Food to Eat and Something to Eat and Drink Out Of

Before you bring your Frenchie home, you will need to make sure you have food and dishes for them to eat and drink out of. There are a variety of dog bowls you can choose from, which include the following:

  • Regular bowls: A regular dog bowl can work just fine for your puppy as long as they can easily eat out of it.
  • Ergonomic bowls: An ergonomic bowl is slightly elevated and angled to help your Frenchie eat more comfortably in a natural position.
  • Slow feed bowls: A slow feed bowl prevents your Frenchie from eating too quickly, which can prevent them from vomiting and passing excessive gas after they eat.
  • Collapsible travel bowls: You may also want to consider purchasing a collapsible travel bowl for your Frenchie. A travel bowl works great if you plan to take your Frenchie along on fun day trips or want to let them enjoy a dog park.

It’s also important to choose a dog food that meets your Frenchie’s nutritional needs. Since your Frenchie puppy will have different nutritional needs than an adult dog, you should feed your puppy a special puppy formula to start. Ask your breeder what kind of high-quality food and vitamins they recommend. If you plan to celebrate special occasions by sharing human food with your Frenchie when they’re old enough, make sure you have a list of foods that are safe for French bulldogs.

Toys to Play With

A new French bulldog puppy will likely be very active, so they’ll need something to interact with. Toys will entertain your puppy and give them something to chew on so they leave your slippers intact. Frenchies have strong jaws, so it’s important to find durable toys for your four-legged friend. You can also place some soft stuffed animals in their bed to cuddle up to.

a new French bulldog puppy will likely be very active

Training and Safety Items

Purchase an adjustable crate for your Frenchie puppy to establish boundaries and aid in housebreaking. A large crate with an insert will allow you to expand your puppy’s space as they grow so they are comfortable.

A French bulldog harness, collar and leash are essential for fun walks with your companion. You will need to teach your puppy to walk on a leash to keep them safe and prevent future behavioral issues. While a collar and a harness serve similar purposes, a harness is safer for your French bulldog’s body when it comes to leash walking.

A harness provides better support for a dog’s hips and spine and keeps them in their natural position. A harness also prevents neck injuries when your puppy tries to pull while walking on the leash. French bulldogs can have difficulties breathing while exercising, so a harness can prevent further breathing complications.

A collar is important because it holds your dog’s identification tags, but it’s important to attach their leash to their harness to prevent potential injuries. The best harnesses include the following features:

  • Soft, durable material that won’t irritate your dog’s skin
  • Adjustable straps so it can grow with your puppy
  • Reflective material for low light conditions

You may also want to purchase puppy or safety gates to secure around your house. This will prevent your puppy from reaching any unsafe areas or becoming overwhelmed with too many areas to explore.

Grooming Essentials

Grooming essentials for French bulldogs can help you manage your Frenchie’s shedding and keep them looking their best. You can use a rubber-bristled grooming brush to remove loose hairs. This will also improve their circulation and increase their oil production, which contributes to a healthy coat.

It’s also important to have a gentle dog shampoo so you can bathe your Frenchie and keep their coat clean without irritating their skin. Because French bulldogs have folds on their face, you might use grooming wipes between baths anytime your puppy needs a quick spot clean, especially after a messy meal. You can also keep some dog healing balm on hand to heal your dog’s skin if their nose becomes dry or sore.

Cleaning Items

You will also want to have some cleaning essentials for a French bulldog puppy before you bring your four-legged companion home. Puppy pads will give your new dog a place to relieve themself until they are housebroken and learn to go outside. Additionally, it’s helpful to have some enzymatic pet stain remover on hand in case your puppy does make a mess on the carpet. Accidents can happen, especially during the puppy stage, so it’s good to be prepared.

Get a New Frenchie From Francoeur French Bulldogs Today

Once you have all the French bulldog essentials and feel like you’re ready to welcome a puppy into your home, you can find a new Frenchie at Francoeur French Bulldogs. We will match you with a puppy that’s perfect for you based on your home, preferences and lifestyle. At Francoeur French Bulldogs, our puppies and parents are health-tested so we can provide families with the best companion.

Our puppies are guaranteed against genetic defects for up to three years, and we offer quality training services. Your puppy will begin socializing at birth, and they will begin training with the Von Falconer method at three weeks old, followed by crate training at seven weeks old. Fill out our puppy info request form to learn more and find your next Frenchie companion.

get a new Frenchie from Francoeur French Bulldogs today

Everything You Need for a New French Bulldog Puppy

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