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French Bulldog Colors Explained

French Bulldog Colors Explained


French bulldogs, more affectionately known as Frenchies, are popular companion animals and a highly prized American Kennel Club breed. These adorable dogs are even-tempered, social and small in stature, making them ideal pets. The breed originated in France in the early 1800s, when breeders mixed smaller versions of English bulldogs. These early French bulldogs eventually gained recognition as a separate breed and quickly became a status symbol in high society.

Today, this breed remains a sought-after choice, and you can find all sorts of different colors of French bulldogs, but you may not know what all these variations indicate, which ones are best and which colors are easiest to find. While color is an issue of personal preference, the AKC only recognizes some French bulldog colors. If you’re looking to purchase from a breeder, the dog’s coloration can significantly affect the cost, so it’s a good idea to know what to look for.

AKC French Bulldog Colors

Also known as “standard French bulldog colors,” colors recognized by the AKC are more limited than what you may find available from breeders. These colors date back to the earliest AKC standards.

Here are the current AKC-recognized French bulldog colors.

  • White: Pure white Frenchies are beautiful, but surprisingly a rare color today.
  • Cream: Often mistaken for a white or light fawn, the cream Frenchie has a solid and light creamy color all over, except for the black facial features and paw pads. This color is highly desirable and attractive, so it can sometimes be hard to find cream-colored French bulldogs.
  • Brindle: The brindle pattern is the original French bulldog color and is still in high demand. This unique pattern almost resembles tiger stripes and generally is a mix of black, white and fawn hairs. Brindle is one of the most prevalent colors found today for Frenchies.
  • Fawn: Fawn covers various French bulldog shades, from light and creamy to a deeper red fawn color. Fawn shades generally look like beiges or tans and vary from light to dark. Fawn French bulldogs often have a “mask” or a much darker shade on their face, but you can also find them without the mask. They may also have a mixture of colors and patterns included over the fawn-colored base.
  • Piebald: Piebald, also known as pied, is one of the most beloved French bulldog patterns. This term generally refers to a dog with spots of color on a white background. These colored spots could be fawn, red fawn, brindle or other.

Exotic French Bulldog Colors

many exotic Frenchie colors are highly sought-after

You can find rare French bulldog colors in a wide range of options. The AKC doesn’t officially recognize these more exotic varieties, but you can still get them registered as French bulldogs. However, the AKC does not allow them to compete in their dog shows and events.

Exotic French bulldog colors and patterns come from specific breeding strategies over time. Because these colors were uncommon when the AKC originally developed its standards, they are not part of the guidelines. However, many of these different Frenchie colors are highly sought-after, and may one day earn official recognition from the AKC.

  • Black: Though black might seem to be a standard color, solid black French bulldogs are harder to find. Still, pure black Frenchies are beautiful and highly desirable.
  • Chocolate: Due to a recessive gene, the chocolate French bulldog is a creamy milk chocolate color. You might hear people refer to this shiny, deep brown as liver-colored.
  • Blue: The highly desirable blue Frenchies are a beautiful range of gray tones resulting from a dilute gene. If you have your heart set on this color, you must go to a reputable breeder who practices proper breeding techniques to ensure you purchase a healthy dog.
  • Lilac: This unique Frenchie color results from breeding blue and chocolate varieties. The lilac color is more of a gray-blue or gray-brown, with pinkish facial features.
  • Platinum: A platinum Frenchie may look very much like a standard cream one. However, you will notice “diluted” colors in the facial features and paws, meaning that these features will appear lighter in color.
  • Merle: The Merle French bulldog has a pattern of patches of color on a pale background. Though this pattern comes from a dominant gene, it is hard to find.
  • Fluffy: While not technically a color, the fluffy French bulldog is a newer variety with longer, thicker hair. This variety is gaining popularity and is also available in a wide range of colors. Fluffy French bulldogs feel most comfortable in cooler climates where they can avoid becoming overheated.
  • Isabella: Another newer variety of Frenchie, the Isabella is similar to the lilac variety, and is sometimes called a “double lilac” color. Also a combination of chocolate and blue, the Isabella is the rarest and one of the most expensive varieties of the breed available today.

Find Your Next Frenchie at Francoeur French Bulldogs

When you’re searching for your next Frenchie companion, you only want the best. No matter what color of Frenchie you choose, this dog breed is sure to brighten your days and become a beloved part of your family. At Francoeur French Bulldogs, our select breeding program ensures adorable, well-tempered and, most importantly, healthy dogs. Our puppies are born to health-tested parents and guaranteed against genetic defects for up to three years, so you can be sure you are purchasing a healthy puppy.

We raise top-notch French bulldogs and match each client with the dog that’s perfect for their family. When you fill out a puppy info request form, we will review your provided information about your lifestyle and home to choose a litter and then a puppy matching your activity level and desired temperament. We become closely acquainted with the puppies and their personalities, so we can determine the perfect match for you and your family.

We are proud to offer various French bulldog breed colors, even some rare ones, so you’re sure to find one you love. We register our puppies with the AKC and test them for health and genetics. We also offer socialization and training services, so you get a fully trained puppy who is ready to be a loving part of your family. Choose to take a puppy home at eight weeks or wait three months for your puppy to receive additional training before welcoming them home.

Are you ready to start the process of finding your next Frenchie? Fill out our puppy info request form. We can’t wait to meet you and pair you with the perfect French bulldog for you!

find your next Frenchie at Francoeur French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Colors Explained

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