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Ohh Frenchie… How Do I Love Thee… Let me Count The Ways

Ohh Frenchie… How Do I Love Thee… Let me Count The Ways


I have been a dog owner/lover all my life. I always owned larger dogs and often thought small dogs were for older people and apartment dwellers. Last year a friend of mine purchased a French Bull Dog pup also known as a “Frenchie”. She gushed, raved, and could not stop talking about how much she loved this dog. My husband’s family, have owned Frenchies for many years and he has always loved the breed. We decided to take the plunge into the world of “Frenchies” and brought our girl Marcella home a year ago. In that year we have become full devoted Frenchie owners and here are 6 reasons why!

grey adult french bulldog

1. They have a big personality in a little package.

Frenchies have big friendly personalities. They are comical and love to show off for their owners. Marcella is a big source of entertainment for us. She loves being with us and greets us excitedly when we arrive home from work. Who doesn’t like to be greeted by someone (some dog) who has missed you all day? With a little love and a small treat she quickly settles down to an evening of reading on the sofa or Netflix.

2. They do not need very much exercise.

Unlike larger work or sporty dogs, Frenchies do not need very much exercise. This works for me since I do not like very much exercise either. A short walk in the cool of the evening around town and your Frenchie will be glad to settle in for the night.

grey adult french bulldog

3. They do not bark much.

Frenchies rarely bark unless they are announcing visitors or surprised by something. I was quite surprised by how quiet Marcella is. Her only real noise is a whine or two when she wants attention, except when she is asleep. Frenchies are known for their snoring. More on that in another blog post.

4. They have a “cute-ugly” kind of face.

Pointy bat ears, snub nose, big eyes that look at you adoringly are all traits of the Frenchies. With their compact bundle of a body and inquisitively puckered face, the French bulldog is irresistibly cute. Their face just screams at you to love them.

grey adult french bulldog

5. They are great with children and other pets

We have a grandchild in the house and Marcella adores her. She is gentle and loving. She also watches out for her and will protectively watch over her but has never been aggressive towards the baby or any other adult. She gets along well with our other dogs except at mealtime. (more on that in another blog). Marcella is about the same size as our cat and the two of them play and wrestle all over the house. It is quite entertaining to watch.

6. Frenchies love to travel and meet new people

Who doesn’t right? Frenchies are great travel dogs and ride well in the car for long or short trips. I am not one to take Marcella all over town, but she goes with us to the pet store and an occasional trip to Lowes. She attracts a lot of attention and seems to enjoy “getting out”.

If you are considering purchasing a small dog I would encourage you to consider a French Bull Dog. As with any breed, you should do your research ahead of time. It is important to consider your lifestyle and the time you have to devote to your dog. Always buy a dog from a reputable breeder who values the health of their dogs and is committed to their clients.

We are now a devoted Frenchie family thanks to Marcella, The French Bulldog.

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Sandra Garman, French Bulldog Owner since 2018

Ohh Frenchie… How Do I Love Thee… Let me Count The Ways

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