Reasons to buy a French Bulldog from a reputable breeder

If you have your heart set on a purebred French bulldog for your next family member, you have a few options available to you. Although purebred puppies are sometimes available for adoption via shelters and private rescue groups, you will more often find mixed-breed puppies or adult purebred dogs. If you prefer a purebred puppy, your best option is to find a reputable breeder who is dedicated to raising healthy, temperamentally sound puppies of their chosen breed.

California French bulldog

A Breeder Will Help Choose the Best Puppy for You

All French Bulldogs are different. It can be impossible for you to guess if an individual puppy in a litter will grow up to be assertive or mellow, high energy or laid back. Good breeders know their breed and know their puppies. They will help match you with the best puppy for you and your family.

You’ll Know Your French Bulldogs History

Responsible breeders use pedigrees to research their breeding dog’s relatives, going back many generations to find the best possible matches that will produce healthy puppies that are good representations of the breed.

You’ll Know the Health Background of the French Bulldogs Parents

Responsible breeders want to produce the healthiest dogs possible. They are acutely aware of the genetic diseases common in their breed and perform specialized health testing on their dogs before breeding them so they can avoid breeding dogs who might pass on faulty genes. This means the puppy you buy will have a higher chance of not developing a genetically linked disorder.




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