The PROS of owning a French Bulldog

1. They are great family dogs

French Bulldogs make great family pets. They are bred to be companions, and they love being around people and other dogs. Small and sturdy makes them a perfect playmate for kids. They can play hard and chill harder, going from zoomies to couch potato in a flash.

2. They get along with other pets

Frenchies have a naturally friendly nature and can easily fit in a multiple dog or even cat home.

3. They have AMAZING personalities

One look at Frenchie’s wide eyed, squishy little faces can put a smile on the face of even the biggest curmudgeon. Their expression seems to say YES to any plan whether it’s lying on the couch or going for a brisk walk, they just want to be by your side.

4. Flexibility Frenchies can live anywhere

Your Frenchie doesn’t need a lot of exercise, so going for walks on a leash is enough. This makes them great apartment and city dogs. Even a  small apartment has enough space for them because they will want to hang out right by your side.  They’re not big barkers, which is great news for the neighbors.

5. They are easy to train

Because Frenchies are such people pleasers they can learn commands quickly. With proper training and rewards your Frenchie will have perfect manners in no time.

6. Low maintenance

French Bulldogs are very low maintenance dogs when it coms to grooming. Their short coat sheds moderately and along with proper ear cleaning and nail trimming they can be bathed at home.

7. Super adaptable

You can take a Frenchie anywhere with you.  They can go from hiking to outdoor dining with proper etiquette for both.

8. Show stoppers

Frenchies are so beloved they tend to become local celebrities in any dog run or neighborhood.  Be prepared to snap pictures for strangers and get playdate offers from other dog pawrents.


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