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French Bulldog Puppies in California

Francoeur French Bulldogs is one of the most respected breeders of French bulldog puppies in California. When you’re looking for French bulldog puppies for sale, you’re not just looking for a pet. You are accepting a new member of your family into your home, and you’re making one of the most important purchases of your life.

Your puppy will stay by your side for their entire lifetime, so finding the right French bulldogs for sale in California means finding a healthy puppy and one suited to your lifestyle.


The Francoeur Difference

How we raise and train our french bulldog puppies

Nurture from Birth

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Von Falconer Way

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Rule of 7

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French Bulldogs


Trained Puppies

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Early Neurological Stimulation

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Frenchie Puppies for Sale

Francoeur French Bulldogs is one of the best French bulldog breeders in California. Our approach begins with healthy parents. We get to know our French bulldog puppies from the time they are born, and we take care to ensure they are healthy. By the time you find one of our AKC French bulldog puppies for sale, they have been de-wormed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Socialized AKC French Bulldogs for Sale in California

At Francoeur French Bulldogs, we understand that one of the most important things when it comes to healthy AKC blue French bulldog puppies is early socialization. Correct socialization from an early age gets puppies ready to live in your home and deepens the bond you’ll have with your furry companion. Early neurological stimulation offered by our team ensures your puppy is ready to start training.

When you buy puppies from Francoeur French Bulldogs, you know they have been socialized from birth. At three weeks, our French bulldogs in SoCal and Northern California start training with the Von Falconer method. We teach them to respond to snaps, whistles or hand claps. At seven weeks, we prepare our French bulldogs for sale and life with their new family. We start crate training them before sending them off to their forever homes. We can provide additional training at an added cost.

By the time our Frenchies in California are ready to go home to their human families, they have been socialized, cared for and trained. As SoCal French bulldog breeders, our goal is to ensure we provide the best experience for our puppies and for the families who adopt them.

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