French bulldog puppies have become one of the most popular pets in recent years

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Batman Francoeur French Bulldog-NOT A MISSING DOG

French bulldog puppies have become one of the most popular pets in recent years. Now, for many of the same reasons they make good pets, the breed is attracting thieves, too.

From California to Florida recent thefts have made national news.

This isn’t the first Frenchie-napping, in even the past few weeks. One possible motivation: money. French bulldogs are very expensive to breed, thanks to the testing, artificial insemination, and C-section births (their huge heads get stuck in the birth canal) required of each litter. Sandy Briley of Francoeur Frenchies, a breeder outside of Los Angeles, says that depending on the color of the dog (lilac tan is popular) and its DNA, a puppy of hers can sell for up to $12,500. She predicted that a stolen puppy, without American Kennel Club paperwork, could probably sell for $2,000.

A family in California was willing to pay up to get back their beloved 5-month-old French bulldog puppy named Seven.

A $12,000 reward was offered for finding Seven, who belongs to 8-year-old Elani Valencia and was stolen outside a North Hollywood Target store when two men followed her and two family members to their car. Francoeur French Bulldog Interview Francoeur French Bulldog Interview


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